First N3 Tournament Belfast – Sat 31st Jan ’15

This event was run by Infinity Ireland (Mike Marchal) and hosted at QUB Dragonslayers.  It was to be my first wargaming tournament in a long time and my first experience with N3 outside my normal gaming group.  The tournament was to run from 10:00 to 18:00 and would be decided over 3 scenario based rounds played at 150 points per side.

The most interesting point of the day for me was that you were allowed to look at the table and review the scenario you would be playing before any army list was made.  I thought this was excellent as you could choose your force with the topography of the table and the scenario parameters in mind.  This really meant you had to think on your feet before the game even started.

20150131-DSC04561 20150131-DSC04562 20150131-DSC04563

Round 1 – Capture the Beacon, vs Andrew (Yu Jing) @ Desert Town 

This table was set up in a very standard Infinity style with the beacon in the middle.  A lot of Andrews force were impetuous and moved very quickly towards the centre.  We slowly chipped at each other forces until one of my camouflaged Nagas made a break for the beacon.  He received a fatal wound but was able to make it back out due to his dogged state.  Andrews troops quickly followed, several exchanges of fire left a few units on his side while only my Deva Hacker remained.  During this Andrew also managed to achieve a secret objective by spotlighting his high value target.  End game result; mr_kyle 1 vs Andrew 2.  This was my favourite game of the day.

20150131-DSC04567 20150131-DSC04565 20150131-DSC04566

Round 2 – King of the Hill, vs Gordon (Nomads) @ Estuary Rubbish Dump

This table had little islands surrounded by areas of saturated / difficult / aquatic terrain.  I set up defensively as movement on this table was not going to be quick!  None of us scored any objective points first turn, but Gordon lost a few of his troops in the first round.  Although he did manage to stick one of my Dakinis with an adhesive round.  The next round was brutal, and saw Gordon’s force reduced to all but one while I managed to complete two secret objectives.  Going into the final round the last Nomad standing was in no place to contest the hill.  End game result; mr_kyle 8 vs Gordon 0.  Felt a bit bad for Gordon.

20150131-DSC04568 20150131-DSC04569 20150131-DSC04570

Round 3 – Exterminate, vs Dale (PanO) @ Forest Fortress

This table was set up asymmetrically; with a advantageous fortress on one side and a river on the other.  The first of many bad choices I made was not choosing deployment and not bringing a sniper.  Dales superb use of remotes to outflank me was quite impressive.  Coupled with his smart use of available terrain, it was enough to table me on the third turn.  At the very least my hacker managed to keep another remote immobilised for practically the entire game.  End game result; mr_kyle 0 vs Dale 3.  Must pay significantly more attention to the table!

The tournament finished up in very good time even with an hours break for lunch.  Mike answered any queries about the rules with no problem and was generally very knowledgeable about the game.   The tables were well themed and had more than adequate terrain coverage. There were only 6 players, so the overall turnout was a little disappointing.  Probably because of the low player count, the atmosphere was positive.  With N3 being so new, everyone to some degree had something new to learn.  Big congrats to Andrew for landing a 1st place and maybe I’ll try to place a bit higher than 5 out of 6 next time!

Before & After

As sourced from nasdaf on reddit.

A starkly contrasting photo merge of Kiev’s Independence Square in the Ukraine. This follows riots that occurred during a protest against the Ukraine president accepting financial aid from and pursuing closer ties with Russia. This was contrary to his initial presidential mandate, that sought closer ties to the EU. According to various new sources as many as 70 protesters were killed and approximately 550 seriously wounded. A few days after this picture was taken Russia annexed a southern island region of the Ukraine, Crimea.

Operation D.I.Y. Lightbox

Progress on painting up my Haqqislam has been super slow.  This is primarily my own fault, as I am playing quite a bit of Warframe in my spare time at the minute.  But I have not neglected the hobby front entirely.  The amatuer photographer in me wants to capture the miniatures to the best of my ability.  Aside from some natural daylight lamps, I needed a lightbox to do this.  A spare box, a small bottle of PVA glue, a few lengths of tin foil, a sheet of white card and some paper clips later;

The construction really is as simple as it looks.  The box itself was trimmed and tidied.  Sheets of tin foil were adhered to the sides of the box with PVA glue, no need to be too fussy with it.  Waiting for the glue to dry was the hardest part of this build.  A trimmed sheet of white card was inserted and held in place with paper clips.  This was a very simplistic build.  However, it definitely is not that robust and is not very easy to travel with.  So there are improvements to be made here.

The daylight lamps are straightforward bulb swaps of my existing lamps.  I chose natural light over warm light of normal lightbulbs to show the colours as they actually appear.  I shoot my photos in RAW files, so I could alter the colour temperature in post processing.  But the more that is done correctly in the first place, the less room for error there is later.

This is the type of image that this set up produces.  I am fairly pleased with the results.  True, it shows up my lacking ability as a painter.  But the colours are as is and there is a pleasing amount of detail shown in the miniature itself.  I will have to work on positioning the lights in such a way that there is a less noticeable shadow cast however!

Thai Blood Protest

As captured by Christophe Archambault.

This is how a Thai group called the Red Shirts protested in Bangkok (2010) against their countries supposed illegitimate government. They threw jugs and bags that contained a total of 36 liters of their own blood at the Prime Minsters head quarters. The picture initially made me think it was the aftermath of a very brutal riot. More info.

Tues 25th Nov ’14

Busted out the spray cans today and undercoated a small selection of my Haqqislam faction for Infinity and some terrain for my eventual battle board.  I used Halfords white and grey primers on the minis.  While the terrain got a coat of GW roughcoat and Army Painter dragon red.

L to R: Naffutun, Ghulam Infantry x3.

L to R: Jannisare, Hassassin Fiday, Hassassin Muyib and Hassassin Lasiq.

Self made foam board building with a lifty up plasticard roof. Has various widgets bought from eBay stuck on as well, most of them are not visible in this picture. The overall construction could have been better planned out. I just started cutting up foamboard and let that continue until I had was resembled a building at the end.

Ruin constructed from the Mantic ruin sprues. This was a lot of fun to make. The Mantic terrain sprues are loaded full of well detailed parts.

Wooden crates purchased from eBay. These are solidly constructed and look good. The red paint did not produce a vibrant a colour as on the other materials however.

The terrain is going to be weathered for a cold / snowy environment. The idea behind the board is that its going to be an abandoned antarctic rescue post. Hence why everything is red, so you would not miss it against the snow. Once I build up more of a collection of terrain, I intend to purchase one of the snow themed mats from deepcutstudios. But thats a bit of a luxury as opposed to something thats actually required to play the game. Thats the extent of todays work, might get in some painting after dinner.